I have my allotment

Well, it’s 30 years since my grandad gave up his allotment on Debdale, and finally I am back.  I always used to enjoy the digging the ground and growing the veg and sitting in the shed for hours on end wondering when the rain would stop.

As children my sister and I found always enjoyed working the plot, because we knew the rewards.  Fresh rhubarb and blackcurrants and strawberries and raspberries.  Peas from the pod and raddish that was peppery and tasty.

So far I have cleared out the greenhouse, cut back the grape vine, dug my first plot and planted some daliahs and freesia.  Already I’m remembering just how much I used to enjoy this, and really enjoying (after 30 years of running round after everyone else) a bit of quality me time doing something just for the sake of doing it.


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