Remuneration cap for publically funded posts

I have just had word that my E-Petition has been accepted.

At a time when services are being cut to the bone and the Prime Minister is constantly repeating the mantra that we are all in this together, it is high time that the excessive pay to top public servants was brought into the spotlight.

The Chief Executive of Manchester City Council earns over £ 300K a year, despite having several senior executives working under him all paid over £ 100k a year.  Indeed at the same time as the Council was cutting £ 500,000 of essential front line services last year it was meeting a salary bill for its seven highest paid executives over over £1,000,000.

In a recent interview, Jermemy Paxman commented to a Liberal Democrat that whilst they were answerable to the public, he is not.  Jeremy Paxman is reputed to earn over £ 1,000,000 (the equivalent of more than 10,000 TV licenses if you take pensions and insurance costs into account).  Why are public servants such as Mr Paxman, Mr Dimbleby, Mr Norton and Mr Clarkson deemed to be worth such excessive remuneration?

Top Civil Servants in the Treasury failed to warn the people of the deficit the last Government was building; those in the Education and Health departments failed to warn of the real cost of privatising our hospitals and schools under PFI schemes; these people are responsible for wasting public funds on a massive scale, and yet get paid massive amounts of money for doing so.

It is high time tha public sector pay was re-evaluated by Parliament, and by signing this e-petition you will be calling on the Parliament to do just that.

I have deliberately not included companies which are doing contracted work for the Government as to do so would simply mean they no longer take on the contracts or that they set up subsidiary companies to undertake that particular work.

I do however include top-paid civil servants, chief exectutives of local councils, the heads of big lottery funded foundations and of course the BBC. I really dont see why so many socialist sympathisers (Paxman, Humphries, Norton etc) should be receiving salaries worth thousands (in some cases tens of thousands) of the license fees of pensioners and the poor.

If you agree with me that Parliament should be discussing this issue, please sign.

The petition can  be located by clicking here.


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