Tesco get slave Labour at the taxpayer’s expense

Okay, now I am angry.

For a company like Tesco to be advertising JSA Plus workschemes, using state funded unemployed people to replace real jobs (okay low paid jobs but real low-paid jobs that would be contributing to the economy rather than big business sponging off the economy) there is something very very wrong in the way the policy is practiced.

I have no problem with people who have been out of work for more than 12 months (for reasons other than sickness) having to work for their benefits, but the work they do should be work that would not otherwise be done by someone in paid employment.  Work such as social work, community work and working for chariatable organisations that gives them routine and discipline and experience but does not enable big business to replace real jobs with people who are out of work.

This is my second successive posting stating what the coaltion is getting wrong.  It doesn’t mean that I have stopped supporting what the coalition is getting right, but the warning flags are now up.  There are always going to be problems working in coalition with Tories, but the Liberal Democrats are there to prevent the excesses, and on this issue its time for them to get preventing.

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