Monty Pythons Labour Party

During a heated Radio5 Live debate in which self-identified Labour voters were tearing strips off the beleaguered Labour leader, Mr Ed made the shock admission that Labour caused the financial crisis.

“The last Labour government didn’t regulate the banks properly. That’s what caused the financial crisis.” Mr Milliband informed the nation.

It could almost be written in reverse to a Life of Brian sketch:

Reg: “All right, but apart from the Iraq War, unaffordable PFI’s, identity cards, an NHS Computer system that didnt work, unregulated immigration, the biggest housing crisis since WWII, the privatisation of our of hours Doctors services, tuition fees and extraordinary rendition, what have Labour ever done for us?”

Attendee: Brought the banking system to its knees?

Unless you are a member of the Monty Python team, you just can’t write this stuff.


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