Labour attempt to continue privatising the NHS

Labour’s privatisation of the NHS was stopped last week when the NHS Bill was passed making it illegal to charge for basic services.  Unfortunately Manchester’s ruling Labour group have not got the message and are now proposing to charge Manchester residents for emergency medicine if they turn up to the ED drunk.

Alcoholism is a serious problem, and it needs serious solutions, not some knee jerk soundbite that can cause people to put their health in jeopardy rather than seeking the medical attention that they may need.

Labour proposals to charge for entrance to the ED if you have had a few drinks is not only lunacy, it goes against everything that the NHS stands for in terms of providing care free at the point of need.

MEN: Drunken patients may get charged for treatment at A&E departments at Manchester hospitals 


2 responses to “Labour attempt to continue privatising the NHS

  1. There is an interesting approach being trialled in Bristol, which I think is more productive – they have a policeman in A&E to arrest people for being drunk and disorderly if their drunkenness justifies it. It means that if you happen to be drunk and need medical attention, that’s one thing – but if you’re causing harm to others, you’re more likely to be held responsible.

    • It’s the way that trouble should be dealt with, case by case according to the needs of the situation.

      People living with alcohol dependency are often low paid, and charging them for costly medical attention in the ED would be nonsensical.

      60% of self-harm involves alcohol, Labour are saying that people who overdose, cut themself, or attempt suicide should be excluded from the ED.

      At a time when this Government is investing £ 400 million in tackling the stigma surrounding mental illness, the Labour Party are stoking up hatred against a very vulnerable group.

      They have got to be stopped.