Any party that wraps itself in the Union Flag tempts the wrath of the people!

The Labour Party have today issued a press release containing their new brand logo, and having attempted to usurp the Lancashire rose for years they have now decided to go the whole way and usurp the Union Flag.  The new logo was used in a press release received today by ITV, and is a clear attempt by Labour to invoke the sort of jingoism only normally adopted in desperation.

It could be that they are trying to appeal to voters in Scotland not to separate the United Kingdom, but if that is their aim they really have got it wrong this time.

Meanwhile on the Conservative Party homepage tonight the innocuous green tree that has somehow sprouted up as their logo has suddenly turned RED, WHITE and BLUE.

The Union flag is not the property of any political party, it is the property of the people, and any political party that attempts to wrap itself in the flag quickly finds itself facing the wrath of the people.

ITV Coverage


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