At last, more than just rhubarb

Those who know me know that 6:30 is not a time of day who’s existence I like to acknowledge, and yet there I was watering the crops on my allotment before I head into work.

It’s amazing the difference a day can make. On Sunday I was enjoying the fact that my peas and mange-touts were laden with flowers, and today I was marvelling at how fast the pods grow. At this rate I’ll be eating them by weekend.

On Sunday I shook the grape vine (apparently it help with pollination if the flowers are shook whilst in bloom). I was a tad disappointed when i didn’t get the sweet honey smell they reckoned I ought to on the telegraph website. This morning however, when I repeated the exercise, the scent was incredible. If the grapes are as sweet as the pollen then I am in for a treat.

I also noticed this morning that the freesia are about to bloom. Note to self, get the weeder thingy out and clear everything around them.

The chard are suddenly springing into life, as are the beets and celery, so hopefully won’t be too long before I can harvest some salad.

In the greenhouse the tomatoes are budding their first trusses and the cucumber are nearly long enough to tie to the support canes. the melons too are getting bigger. The peppers seem much slower to start.

All in all it’s finally coming along.


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