Fabian society warns Labour against proposals for higher taxes!

Ed Milliband has been warned by the Labour affiliated Fabian Society that the tax and spend policies proposed by his shadow Chancellor, Ed Balls, will not be popular with the electorate at the General Election in 2015.

Based on extensive research it’s warning is a reminder to Ed Milliband that its 8-10 point lead in the oppinion polls could soon melt away as the party’s tax and spend approach to tackling the national deficit and debt comes under proper scrutiny from the electorate.

Regular readers of this blog will already be aware of Labour’s proposals to increase tax on the poorest in society by reducing the basic income tax threshold, in favour of a cut in the top rate of VAT which only serves to help those able to spend over £ 28,000 on VAT’able goods.

Interstingly, the one area that the Fabian Society highlighted that the public may tolerate higher funding for is the NHS, which is a bit of a dilemma for Labour as they would have to reverse their 2010 General Election manifesto committment to cut spending on the NHS by 20%, whereas both Coalition partners have ensured that funding for the NHS is not cut.


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