Let the battle for Police Commissioner commence!

In selecting former Police Inspector Matt Gallagher, and his running mate for Deputy Commissioner, Jackie Pearcey, the Liberal Democrats have demonstrated that they are serious about winning this Greater Manchester wide election for the person who will replace the unelected Police Authority.

Poll after poll suggests that the public would prefer a Police Officer to be commissioner than a politician, and that the vast majority of people would not vote for a former cabinet minister.  That means that if the polls are to believed the Liberal Democrats enter this race in a far stronger position than their main rival, the Labour Party who have selected a failed former cabinet minister as their candidate.

What is more important though is the policies that the candidates will bring to the table, and having seen both Matt Gallagher and Jackie Pearcey perform, I can honestly say that their ideas are fresh and formidable.  Over the coming weeks it is vital that the Lib Dem message gets through to the people of Greater Manchester, if it does then we could see some significant improvements to local policing.


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