Manchester News: Cycle thefts on University Campus down 30%

The recorded theft of pedal cycles is down by 30% on the academic year 2010/11. This is attributed to:

The University of Manchester has seen a 30% reduction in the theft of pedal cycles in the current academic year.

Crime figures across Manchester are falling as local policing gets smarter, but the reduction in crime is not just a police story, it’s about how the police work together with other agencies, in this case the University of Manchester, to reduce the opportunity to commit crimes.

The reduction of cycle thefts has been attributed to:

  • The work done by University security staff in both deterring and detaining offenders;
  • The introduction of an overt marking scheme which allows security officers to check bikes on campus (the additional serial number is also registered with Immobilise which the Police use to check bikes that come into their possession);
  • Students and members of staff contacting security having witnessed someone acting suspiciously on campus;
  • Cyclists upgrading locks thereby making their bikes harder to steal, many using a Subsidised lock scheme price reduction.

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