Labour: what is is good for?

Yesterday the leader of the Labour Party told the BBC that Labour had no future if it was dominated by pressure groups like the unions.

What Mr Milliband fails to realise is that the whole reason his party exsts is to support the Trades Unions, and that in this his part is a single issue pressure group.

On all other issues the Labour Party, like a cuckoo in Britain’s Political nest, simply steals the policies of other parties in the hopes to make them its own.

Take for example their flagship announcement that Labour will promote more responsible capitalism and that if banks do not separate their retail and investment arms, a future Labour government will “break them up”.

This is the very policy being pursued by the Coalition right now, and like so many other issues on which Labour talks big, it is actually doing no more than saying that it will continue with what the coalition is already doing.

As always, Labour is merely following the ‘we can do more of the same’ route that it has followed since Tony Blair took over. No original thinking, no new ideas, just carry on as we are. The trouble with that approach is that when you are a small opposition party, and there are two other parties with significantly more influence on the political spectrum, you evenutally just fade into insignificance.

Mr Milliband needs to pay less attention to slagging off the Trades Unions and more attention to differentiating his party from the coalition. If he doesn’t then people will ask themselves what the Labour Party is for, and they may find it comes up wanting.


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