Lib Dem PCC Candidate for Greater Manchester, Matt Gallagher’s website is now up and running at

From his birth (and near death) in a damp, rat-infested tenement on the outskirts of 1950′s Glasgow , Matt’s life has been a kaleidoscope of incredible experiences. The eldest of six children, he has known crushing poverty and hunger, but has also witnessed the triumph of hope and optimism.

Extracts from Matt Gallagher’s autobiography make his website one of the most fascinating and compelling political lifestories that I have read for many years.  His really is the story of a boy born into poverty whose tenacity carries him to one of the most glittering police careers in England.

When you read Matt’s story it is clear why he has turned his attention to politics and is challenging for one of the most difficult jobs in politics today, the Police and Crime Commissioner of Greater Manchester Police.  This is a man who could actually do the job, do it well.  He recognises what can be done and what changes are needed to ensure that policing is effective and efficient.

Unlike his opponents, his manifesto is based not on years of climbing the greasy political pole, but on years of on the ground experience as a senior police officer.  Others talk of corruption in the police, he has tackled it first hand; others talk of the difficulties of front line policing, he has experienced it; and all the time his life experience has ensured that his priority is the victim.

I would encourage all readers of this blog to read Matt’s blog and join his facebook group.  Regardless of whether or not you are a Lib Dem, this is a man worth backing for who he is, not for the party he’s in.


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