Red Ed Millibean’s finest hour!

Well, that was a bit of a barnstormer by Red Ed Millibean, included so much passion that you could be forgiven for believing he believed every word of it.  Well, actually he probably did because he managed somehow to leave out all of the bits that people actually don’t forgive Labour for.

  • He didn’t mention the over 200,000 civilians murdered in Labour’s illegal war in Iraq; or
  • The fact that people were detained in the UK without charge in Belmarsh Prison for weeks and weeks; or
  • The extraordinary rendition of prisoners; or
  • The treaty he signed with the USA allowing British citizens to be extradited for activities that are not even criminal in this country; or
  • Labour’s privatisation of our hospitals through private finance initiatives; or
  • The privatisation of out of hours GP services and walk in centres and the Locum Doctors service; or
  • The National Identity Card system the coalition scrapped; or
  • The failure to link pensions to earnings; or
  • The continued destruction of our manufacturing industries; or
  • The encumbering of our schools with 25 years of debt so that they can have new buildings to teach our children in; or
  • The sale of the nation’s gold stocks at rock bottom prices; or
  • The failure to properly regulate the banks in the first place, which led to the financial crisis; but above all
  • He forgot to mention the deficit that Labour left this country with.
  • He forgot to mention that Labour proposed to cut funding of our NHS by 20%; and
  • To cut funding of our children’s education by 20%; and
  • To have no limit on the fees Universities can charge; and
  • To provide no bursaries for the poorest in our society; and
  • To cut the basic tax threshold from £ 10k to just over £ 6k dragging millions of our lowest paid back into paying income tax and increasing the tax burden on most low paid families by nearly £ 750 a year.

Red Ed  Millibean forgot to mention a lot of things in his Leader’s speech.  Indeed his speech was all rhetoric and no substance, no wonder he was able to speak from the heart.


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