Worrying undertones in Ed’s Speech!

Let’s be absolutely clear about this, Ed Milliband’s One Nation speech had echoes of previous one nation politicians in recent European History, at the same time he said very little about how he will help the nation to  sort out the mess his party created for this nation.

It took the Scots, Irish and Welsh generations to achieve the levels of devolution they now have, they must be told whether by ‘One Nation Labour’ Ed means  a Labour party that will see the nations of Great Britain re-unified under a single nation state.  If he does then we must ensure that ‘One Nation Labour’ is not going to ride roughshod over that devolution of power.

Already we have heard Ed stating that “I think in terms of low skill migration, I think it is too high and I think we need to do something about it.”  which could well be coded text for repatriation of non-britons living in the UK.

The last Labour Government demonstrated that Labour has no qualms about introducing National Identity Cards, extending the period of detention without trial and participating in extraordinary rendition.  We saw them take our country into an illegal war in Iraq and a war we could not win in Afghanistan.

That same Labour Government introduced laws that restricted the right of citizens to gather in public, reduced the right of freedom of association and created individually tailored laws banning one citizen from doing something that was perfectly legal for the rest of society to do through their ASBO’s.

On reflection there is a great deal more to be worried about Ed Milliband that we need to know and understand before we can ever trust him to take the reigns of power as Prime Minister.


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