Tories call for vital international agreements on catching criminals to be scrapped

On the 13th September I reported that a campaign to catch the UK’s most wanted criminals hiding abroad, launched by the Crimestoppers Charity, could be seriously undermined if calls by 102 backbench Tory MP’s for Britain to pull out of essential European police co-operation measures are heeded.

Conservatives undermine anti-crime initiative

Since then the Home Secretary, Theresa May, has made it clear in a statement that this is her intention, although the detail remains vague.

It is clear that this proposal is putting the rantings of Eurosceptic Tories ahead of the crime and disorder needs of the Nation, as it will make it harder for the UK police to catch criminals, counter-terrorism and keep our streets and our families safe from dangerous criminals.

The Liberal Democrats back full co-operation across Europe on counter terrorism and fighting crime, and 77% of the British public agree with us. The question for the Tory party is this: will they put Euroscepticism above the safety and security of the British public?

The question meanwhile for the people of Greater Manchester is whether they can trust the Tories with crime and terrorism issues, and if not are they prepared to send a signal to government by voting for Matt Gallagher, a retired police officer backed by the Liberal Democrats for the Greater Manchester Police and Crime Commissioner.


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