Coffee and Campaigning – all just a little bit of history repeating itself.

Looking forward to the next Coffee and Campaigning session at Cafe Nero, Piccadilly Station Approach, Manchester it struck me just how apt it is that politics is back in the coffee houses of England.

Interestingly England’s first coffee house was opened in Oxford in 1650 and in the same year London’s first coffee house openened, the Pasqua Rosee, in Cornhill. The coffee houses proved incredibly popular, providing a place to gather, exchange news and gossip and conduct business.

In 1675, Charles II ‘called for the suppression of all coffee-houses in London as being places where the disaffected met, and spread scandalous reports concerning the conduct of his Majesty and his Ministers’.

The uproar that followed forced Charles to cancel this edict.

How apt that every Sunday the local coffee house (notably not a starbucks) is the place where we politicos gather again to discuss the issues of the day and to gossip before an afternoon’s campaigning.


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