Cameron faces the wrath of Clegg

When Nick Clegg told David Cameron that there would be consequences for the Tory failure to support reform of the House of Lords, did the Tory leader really think that it was going to be all hot air?

In the negotiations over the coalition agreement the Liberal Democrats made absolutely clear that boundary changes pressed for by the Tories would be entirely dependent on the delivery of House of Lords reform.

When the Tories refused to back the House of Lords reform they had signed up to, they simultaneously scuppered the boundary changes they were desperate to pursue, changes that would have given them a 20 seat advantage over Labour.

When Scotland votes to remain in the UK, thus ending the rasion-de-etre of the SNP and keeping Labour in with a chance of beating the Tories to the position of largest party without an overall majority, the Tories will have only themselves to blame.

The voters, on the other hand, will have the Liberal Democrats to thank for ensuring that the Tories can not fix future elections in their favour.


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