3093 License fees for DG of the BBC to step down

The license fees of 3093 British license-fee payers have been squandered by the BBC in settlement for the Director General, George Entwistle, stepping down following allegations by Newsnight leading to a senior Tory being wrongly accused of child abuse.  The error follows on from the previous decision of BBC not to run a Newsnight report into Jimmy Saville.

A BBC Trust spokesman said: “The BBC reached a consensual termination agreement with George Entwistle last night and agreed to pay him 12 months pay, in lieu of notice.” but despite the magnitude of the error Mr Entwistle the spokesperson went on to say that “This reflects the fact that he will continue to help on BBC business, most specifically the two ongoing inquiries.”

The simple truth is that for someone living on or below the minimum wage £145.00 is a lot of money to find to pay the TV license.  For the BBC to hand over the license fees of 3093 such people to someone who has accepted responsibility for such a gross error of judgement is wrong, and shows just how out of touch with reality the corporation now is.


One response to “3093 License fees for DG of the BBC to step down

  1. And now the head of News and her Deputy have also stepped down, costing further license fees.