Politics: 1% cap on benefits is wrong

I never liked coalition, but having said that I have spent my entire life supporting a political party that has never passed a single policy onto the statue books in its own right, until now. The Coalition has done a great deal of good for this country, it has offered the stability our economy needed and it has revived a large part of our maufacturing base.

Sadly tonight the coalition did something that was neither necessary nor good. Tonight it voted to restrict benefit payments to 1%, well below inflation.

Let me make clear, my salary over the past 20 years has declined in real terms and value; I am barely keeping my head above water, but I will not be persuaded that the fault for that lies with some mythical group of people living their lives out of other peoples pockets. I have experienced life on the dole, and believe me it is not something I ever want to go back to; my current earnings are well below the proposed benefits cap of £ 26,000, but then I am a single man with no family to support.

The fact that working people are having to claim benefits in the first place is a national disgrace, and there needs to be a lot more action to take a lot more people out of paying income tax all together, but to restrict benefits that people who are working are having to claim in order to subsidise low paying employers is a total disgrace.

Tonight, I would have stood alongside John Leech MP and Charles Kennedy MP in the rebels lobby.


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