Politics: Labour’s £ 1,400 tax bombshell for Manchester’s low paid workers.

From April this year, the Liberal Democrats will have cut the Income Tax bills for 137,000 people in Manchester by £ 600 a year.  Our aim is that by the end of this Government we will have cut Income Tax by £ 700, and that is money that goes directly into the pockets of the low paid .

The Liberal Democrat rise in the income tax threshold has lifted thousands of Manchester families out of paying income tax all together, and is helping them to pay for vital food, fuel and services.

The Labour Party’s alternative was to cut VAT by 2.5%.  Rent, unprepared food, books, baby clothing and fuel would not be affected at all by that cut, so after you have paid for almost every basic in life you would have to spend £28,000 to get back the £700 Labour will take off you to fund this VAT cut.

The average family in Manchester would be paying £ 1,400 more under Labour than they are under the Liberal Democrats.  Can low paid people in this city really afford to pay for Labour’s VAT cut for the wealthy?



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