Politics: The peoples flag is deepest red, it shrouded oft the martyred dead.

As we approach the tenth anniversary of Britain’s last Labour Government taking our country into an illegal war in Iraq, we should reflect on what should really be seen as the lasting legacy of the last Labour Government.

You can improve the lot of our pensioners, reverse the damage done to our education system, pay off our PFI debts and stop the further unnecessary privatisation of our NHS.  You can prosecute the politicians who fiddled their expenses and create a sensible divide between politics and journalism, you can even reverse the encroachment on our civil liberties of the National Identity Card, or the ASBO or the detention without charge, or the telephone hacking.

All of those things hurt, did damage and undermined our trust in the state, but all of those things can be reversed.

What can not be replaced are the lost lives and lost limbs.  Post traumatic stress disorder can strike at any time 20, 30, even 60 years after the events and whilst this coalition Government has ensured that whenever it strikes our former serving military they will get the care they need, this Government can not turn back time on the lies and deceit of the last Labour Government that took us into that illegal war.

What can not be undone is the resulting in the murder of over 200,000 innocent civilians and involving Britain in some of the most heinous war crimes since WWII.

  • Labour imprisoned people in Belmarsh Prison without charge, let alone trial;
  • Labour allowed the extraordinary rendition of prisoner through this country to places where they could be tortured for information;
  • Labour restricted the freedoms of british people;
  • Labour attempted to introduce a national identity card system.

All of this was done in the name of fighting a terror that had not threatened this country until Labour launched it’s illegal war on the back of a pack of lies, half truths and innuendo.

The Lib Dems may have made mistakes in Government and the Lib Dems may have had to trade some of their policies to get others enacted, but the Lib Dems have not sent our troops into an unwinnable illegal war that resulted in the maiming and killing not only of our troops but of hundreds of thousands of civilians.

It is little wonder that Labour don’t sing the red flag any more, it has taken on a whole new meaning.


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