Guest Post:- The Fable of the Tuition Fees

An Occasional Guest Posting, this time from Jason J Hunter

ARE YOU SITTING COMFORTABLY…..? Then I shall begin….

Once upon a time before Labour there were no tuition fees. Then after promising not to introduce charges for Uni before an election, Labour created them with a landslide majority Government.

Then before the next election they pledged not to increase tuition fees, and then created top-up fees tripling the tuition fees that Labour promised not to create in the first place, again with a majority government.

The Hypocrisy of Labour to even mention tuition fees is astounding and simply shows their lack of understanding of the new fees system, that they claim to be so passionate about.

Bearing in mind here that the LibDems have just 8.7% of seats in the House of Commons, and both Labour and the Tories wanted to increase fees with no cap whatsoever, I shall tell you what the LibDems voted for:

1. To ensure that noone pays anything for their tuition before they start studying.
2. To ensure that noone pays anything for their tuition while they are studying.
3. That graduates who get a job that pays more than £21,000 begin paying back their student loans, rather than having to start repaying at £15k like Labour had.
4. To lower the monthly repayments for said graduates by as much as 85% in some cases – a graduate earning £22k a year would have paid £52.50 under labours system, that same grad will now only pay £7.50 a month.
5. To extend the amount of time that a graduate has available to pay back their loans helping them meet their month to month living expenses.
6. To ensure that for each £100 earned by graduates over the first £21k, only £7 is taken from their income.

The new system is not what we wanted, but then again LibDems are outnumbered by 5 Tories to each LibDem in coalition, and despite that the new student loan system was heavily influenced by Liberal Democrats and it is far far better for students and graduates from all walks of life, but especially so for those from poorer backgrounds since we are now seeing record levels of Uni applications from that particular demographic.

LibDems – putting PEOPLE before the party!

And not being hypocrites, unlike Labour……..

LibDems – putting PEOPLE before the party!


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