Bill Bailey

The Lowry Theatre – Salford
17th May 2013

A mixture of observational comedy, musical talent and sheer off the wall lunacy combined to provide a night rich with escapism that entertained, enthralled and totally lit up an otherwise dreary week.

Very much in the lyrical tradition of the bards of old Bill Bailey is a master of his art, that art is the weaving of a rich tapestry of imagery and imaginings from a vocabulary that far exceeds the many thousands of words that Oxford have captured in their dictionaries, words with no history until he speaks them and yet instant meaning when they are spoken.

His visual devices, such as the stick he used to poke members of the audience whilst pointing out the facile and fleeting irrelevance of Facebook and Twitter, and his ability to refer back instantly to a laugh that escaped your belly over an hour ago and in that moment call it back again, makes him one of the finest exponents of the art of comedy I have seen live (and over the years I have seen a lot of damned fine comedians).


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