Mark Knopfler & Bob Dylan

The MEN Arena

Dire Straits were one of my favourite bands when I was younger, and of course Bob Dylan is a legend, and so when I was invited by a friend to go see both of them at the MEN Arena on the same night there was only one thing I could possibly do.


Knopfler played some good new stuff, particularly enjoyed Privateer, and the folkish style of the musicians he had with him was very much to my taste.  The tales he weaves through the words and music are spellbinding, his is the craft of the minstrels of yore, telling tales of fallen heroes and the flaws and failings of human society.  Okay, he didnt play Telegraph Road, as one of his fans kept crying out for, but the new stuff is just as captivating, hypnotic and powerful, and I loved every moment of it.


Bob Dylan is one of those artists whose music and lyrics seem considerably more fine than his singing, but that is because he isnt a singer he is the consumate musical performer.  The style was big band and almost jazz, and that set up suits his voice perfectly.  You dont need to hear all the words, and the fact he hasnt the finest singing voice is soon forgotten, the rhythm, cadence and timing of this man is phenomenal.  I am so glad I got to see him live.


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