Pam Ann

The Opera House – Manchester
1st March 2013

Very much geared towards an audience of airline pilots, stewards and airport workers the first half of this show was witty and very fast moving.  As one of a series of sketches in a show this would have been a wonderful and colourful piece, but sadly the sketch show character is not rounded enough to translate into a two hour piece of theatre.

The second half of the show was for the most part drawn out, laboured and definitely struggling to find the wit and vigour displayed in the first half.  The whole humour became the sort of camp that only Julian Clary and Alan Carr do well, the bitching without biting sort of hard hitting reality that allows people to laugh at themselves without feeling bad about themselves.  Pam Ann did not do that humour well, or her own act any justice as the well of humour dried and there was nothing but poorly paced audience participation left.


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